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All of the teacher groups that Jennifer Corre follows on Facebook were buzzing with the news: A just-announced deal would significantly boost pay for unionized pre-K teachers working in commu

Amidst the flurry of budgeting and planning for next year, preschool teachers got a glimmer of good news.

District Council 1707, Local 205 won a historic victory in its fight for wage parity when it negotiated an agreement with the Day Care Council of New York and the City of New York, to extend the contract by two years. This agreement achieves parity for certified teachers with the same base pay as teachers in NYC public schools.  

AFSCME is a democratic union comprised of a diverse group of people who share a common commitment to public service. For us, serving the public is not just a job, it’s a calling. An important part of our mission is to advocate for the vital services that keep our families safe and make our communities strong. We also advocate for prosperity and opportunity for all of America’s working families. We not only stand for fairness at the bargaining table — we fight for fairness in our communities and in the halls of government.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- New York City officials announced on Tuesday a tentative contract agreement that would increase salaries for early education teachers that work for community-based organizations (CBOs).


Q. How Can My Co-Workers and I Join this Historic Agreement and Receive the Benefits We Deserve?

A. There are couple different ways to join AFSCME Day Care Employees Local 205. First, fill out our contact form to be contacted by a member of our union.

Q. I’m a Director and/or Owner of city-funded City Child Care organization and would like my center and employees to benefit from this historic agreement. How can I make this happen?

A. It’s easy. First, fill out the short contact form and an AFSCME representative will reach out to set up a time to give a presentation to your employees about the benefits of coming together to join AFSCME Local 205 and participate in this historic agreement. When a majority of your employees sign-up, you sign a document recognizing them as union members and then sign the AFSCME Local 205 agreement to authorize the Day Care Council of New York as the multi-employer representative for the contract.

Q. I’m a Child Care Teacher or other Center professional and my Employer told us they won’t stand in our way to join the union and benefit from this agreement. What do we do next?

A. That’s great news that you work for such a wonderful Center who cares deeply about your career and wants to make sure you receive the wages and benefits you deserve. Fill out the short contact form and an AFSCME representative will contact you to start the process of signing-up you and your co-workers. Once a majority has signed, we ask your employer to recognize you as AFSCME Local 205 members and for them to sign the AFSCME Local 205 agreement to authorize the Day Care Council of New York as the multi-employer representative for the contract.

Q. My employer doesn’t want us to have a union? Can we still join?

A. YES! No one can deny your rights to form a union. Period. If you, and majority of your co-workers want to join AFSCME Local 205, no one can stop you. For over 40 years, AFSCME Local 205 has represented Child Care and Early Education professionals at all types of employers. It was thousands of unionized Child Care professionals standing together who demanded recognition and fair pay that won this historic agreement.  When we stand together, we win. Fill out the short contact form and an AFSCME representative will be in touch shortly about putting you and co-workers on the path to victory.


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