Daily News Op-Ed: Unionization Will Cement Preschool Teacher Pay

In today’s New York Daily News, James Parrott, Director of Economic and Fiscal Policies at The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs, writes that strengthening our union is the way for early childhood educators to cement their salary gains on the heels of our historic pay parity with the city. Read the highlights below and take a moment to sign up to receive more information. 

Parrott writes:

A more unified early childhood education sector would give workers a stronger voice and nonprofits more clout in negotiating with the city. Service-focused nonprofit human services organizations are the backbone of the local safety net in serving children and communities in need. But collectively they have never wielded the kind of influence that it takes to ensure that their programs are fully funded and their workers are appropriately compensated.

Unionization would mean that all nonprofit workers would have family health insurance and better retirement security, access to career advancement training, and receive regular pay increases on a par with municipal workers. And provided that unionization entails mobilizing rank-and-file workers as it should, nonprofits would have built-in grass-roots power when it comes to seeking adequate funding for their bread-and-butter service contracts.

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