Master Agreement



  • The Mayor and City Council Speaker announced a tentative contract agreement between early childhood providers, District Council 1707 Local 205, and the Day Care Council of New York.
  • The agreement provides a pathway to pay parity between certified early childhood education teachers and entry-rate Department of Education salaries by October 2021.
  • The agreement includes increased compensation for non-certified teachers and support staff, and health care cost reductions.
  • The agreement is still tentative, as it is subject to a vote by Local 205 membership scheduled for August 1.
  • This agreement will serve as a model for compensation for remaining certified early childhood education providers.

Who is impacted by the agreement?

Over 4,200 teachers and support staff who are members of District Council 1707 Local 205, once the agreement is ratified.

When will Local 205 members see their compensation increases, and through what method?

Once the agreement is ratified, the increases for certified teachers will be phased in over three years. The first increases will begin in October 2019, and the total increase will be effective by October 2021 (see the schedule of increases here). Non-certified teachers and support staff will get a 2.75% raise on October 1, 2021 and a ratification bonus of $1,800! The DOE will amend the contracts of providers with Local 205 membership to reflect the changes in compensation.

Are Head Start teachers and staff who are members of DC 1707 Local 95 included in this agreement? Are non-unionized teachers included in this agreement?

No, this agreement only applies to Local 205 members. However, the Local 205 agreement is a first step that will serve as the model for compensation for remaining certified early childhood education providers, including Head Start employees represented by Local 95 and non-unionized staff.

Does this affect what I pay my teachers now and what my FY20 budget should reflect?

As the current agreement with DC1707 Local 205 has not been ratified, and the specific impacts for remaining certified early childhood providers are still being determined, there are no immediate changes to teacher pay. All FY20 budgets should be submitted based on current policy. We will follow up with additional guidance when it becomes available.

What teacher and staff salaries should providers put in the budget section of the RFPs?

The DOE released guidance for proposers via HHS Accelerator on July 23. Please note that the budget template that contains proposed program costs is not scored as part of the RFP evaluation process and is not considered in the DOE's recommendations for award decisions.